Western Bulldogs: Big Boys, Bargains, Rookies and More...

The way the bulldogs play provides a good spectacle not only from a fantasy perspective but from an AFL game standpoint. With the addition of high profile recruit Adam Treloar, there leaves many questions to be answered in regards to how the dogs midfield is going to function in 2021. Without further ado lets get into the business talk.

Big Boys to Consider

It is well known the star-studded fantasy talent the Bulldogs have but in a year with so much uncertainty around how they will set up the only one I can really recommend considering is Josh Dunkley ($741 000 MID/FWD). 2020 saw Dunkley’s midfield minutes reduced resulting in a dip in average from 111 in 2019 to 97 in 2020. At 24 years old Dunkley is approaching the prime years of his career and has stated his intent of wanting to be used as a midfielder, going as far as requesting a trade in order to seek these opportunities. The Bulldogs elected to keep Dunkley and as a result risk him walking if they don’t satisfy his midfield desires. As well as less CBA’s, Dunkley experienced a drop in TOG by 5% from his 2019 season. While the Bulldogs midfield is going to be interesting this year, the discount from his 2019 season and the fact he has forward status still makes him attractive as a starting option this season.

Bargain Buys

While the Bulldogs are full of uber premiums there isn’t really anyone sticking there hand up as a “bargain buy” so far this pre-season.

Add to The Watch List

The Bulldogs just don’t have much going on this year. While it will be interesting to see how they balance their midfield talent there doesn’t look to me much value at the Dogs this year and as a result I’m not really watching many players. The only player that presents some sort of interest is Lin Jong ($375 000 MID/FWD). Jong is cheap so he finds his way into this section. The reality with Jong is that he has missed a good part of 2 years and prior to that always been injury prone. Aside from injury, I just don’t see how Jong gets enough midfield minutes to score well enough to justify his starting price and for all I know he might not even be best 22. He is priced at 49 though and for a guy who has posted a 76 average before so he’s one to watch.

Players to Avoid

I just want to start by saying whatever you do don’t start with Lachie hunter ($882 000 MID)! Hunter is way to overpriced. Priced 10 points above his previous career best and 20 points above his season prior there is no way I can see Hunter maintaining his average in 2021. As an exclusive outside player, it’s just not sustainable for a player to average 115 unless your name is Andrew Gaff. Hunter will be around the 100 mark in 2021.

Jack Macrae ($860 000 MID), Marcus Bontempelli ($801 000 MID), Adam Treloar ($812 000 MID) and Bailey Smith ($663 000 MID) can all be avoided at this stage. With too many names to go through the midfield there are going to be changes at the Dogs this season and in turn it’s likely we see some decreases in fantasy output. Expect Bont to play more forward this year, Macrae to play more outside and Smith most likely plays more outside and forward. AAMI is going to be key in deciding which of these players can be touched so keep an eye out for CBA’s but at this stage all of these guys must be avoided.

Rookies to Look Out For

I was hoping that I would get to this section and have something to beef up this article but the reality is the only thing interesting about the Dogs this year is how their midfield mix works out. Jamarra Ugle-Hagan ($270 000 FWD) looks to play early and play most games but is likely to produce sub- par numbers and therefore probably isn’t worth selecting at his inflated price tag. Outside of Jamarra the Dogs don’t have anyone who looks like playing and or able to produce numbers worthy of selection.

Let me know down below what you're opinions are on the Bulldogs midfield group in 2021. If Treloar doesn't play AAMI due to his latest calf problem does that rule Bulldogs mids out completely including Dunkley? let me know your thoughts. Any other questions drop them below. Cheers for reading guys

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