Trade Talk and Break Evens: Round 18

With 6 rounds to go we are officially heading towards the business end. It's this point in the year where ownership and draw becomes super important. These are two things I'd be strongly considering when weighing up your options this week. For the most part the players I've included in the trade guide are more value options for those shopping on a budget. If you're shopping in defence or forward it may be wise to pay up and get to the best guys possible. For example if you don't own Laird and Mills then they are obviously targets. You do want to shop for value but at the same time it's all about getting as many best 22 players as possible now and if you have that opportunity it is likely the best move. The reason I excluded midfielders with this theory is I think there are some guys that I think can average similar to the top priced players and therefore I'd avoid paying the big bucks for guys like Miller and Steele.

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