Trade Talk and Break Evens: Round 10

As we get closer to the byes the importance of nailing your trades really matter. In this article I've composed a bunch of players across all lines that provide VALUE. This is key as you want guys with upside. With limited rookies coming through and none with good job security/scoring ability it's a big concern. Therefore you may need to take a haircut and take more risks with some of the guys you bring in to save some cash in the bank for future upgrades. As I've preached for the last couple of weeks, the byes should be at the forefront of your mind and therefore your moves this week should be benefiting your bye structure in some way. Aside from bye structure you should be looking to get at least 1 rookie off your field with your trades this week. The goal is to get these guys off field as soon as possible so leading up to the byes the one up one down strategy is in play (potentially two upgrades if you can). With limited rookie options available don't be afraid to pull the pin on some guys who are highly priced or over valued. A prime example of this would be Ziebell. Trading him down to an underpriced guy such as Ridley nets you over 200k which could then get you a premium upgrade elsewhere for little to no difference in points. If you have Andrew Brayshaw I would potentially look at doing something similar. Lets jump into the targets/watch list.

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