Round 6 DPP Review

In past years, dual position updates has always been something we look forward to but are usually disappointed with when we find out what options we a given. This year, this isn't the case. With plenty of big name players and relevant rookies given DPP it certainly brings a lot of excitement and variation into the game. I held off on premium forward options to start as I thought that with reduced rotations we could see some top midfielders gain forwards status, this looks to be the case. More so than in previous years it seems we are seeing a wider variety of players play in different roles which certainly makes things interesting from a fantasy perspective. In this article I'll discuss the guys I think hold the most relevance and my opinion on whether they are options now or later down the track.


These guys aren't so relevant in terms of players to target but the added dual position can certainly provide your team with flexibility which can allow you to perform a wider variety of trade moves. Rookies to note that have picked up DPP include:

Chris Burgess ($277k DEF/RUC BE: 22)

Jacob Koschitzke ($252 DEF/FWD BE: 16)

Will Phillips ($270k MID/FWD BE: 34)

Charlie Lazzaro ($244k MID/FWD BE: 34)

Tom Powell ($418k MID/FWD BE: 23)

Errol Gulden ($495k MID/FWD BE: 54)

Chad Warner ($452k MID/FWD BE: 29)

Lachlan McNeil ($241k MID/FWD BE: 12)

Miles Bergman ($273k DEF/FWD BE: -8)

I have singled out Miles Bergman as he's actually someone you should consider bringing into your side. I think his JS has significantly improved with the injuries to Butters and Duursma and he's demonstrated good scoring ability for a rookie. With a break even of -8 he should generate 70-100k in the next 2-3 weeks if he scores at the rate he has been scoring or even a little below. Defender rookies have been hard to come by this year and with many teams rocking Koschitzke and Highmore he could be a perfect option to give you some stability down back. One to highly consider.

Other Players Of Interest

Nat Fyfe ($688k MID/FWD)

Priced At: 95

BE: 100

Average: 90.8

In the past Fyfe has always averaged high 90's to mid 100's. A career peak of 105 in 2015 and 2019 see's him currently priced 10 points below that. Fyfe is known to miss games which is a slight query but with Freo looking to play tall up forward with Taberner, Lobb and Treacy we should see Fyfe spend more time in the middle. Back to full length quarters looks to suit these super star mids that can also go forward as they spend high minutes on field. He comes up against North Melbourne this week and although Turner has been doing run with roles for them it is likely he will go to Brayshaw. I think Fyfe will average 100+ this year which see's him slightly under priced and he's a guarantee for a top 6 forward spot. He's one you can consider to bring in now and one you should be looking to pick up sooner rather than later.

Josh Kelly ($699k MID/FWD)

Priced At: 97

BE: 120

Average: 87

Kelly was a guy who was in and out of my pre-season side as a premium option I thought was underpriced. Starting the year priced at 106 (down 10 points on career best), Kelly now finds himself priced another 10 points below that due to a role change. Kelly provides a really interesting option as in the past we have seen him post averages up there with the best. As it stands, Kelly is a perfect example of someone you should be avoiding despite him gaining DPP. His new role up forward has seen him take a huge hit fantasy wise and priced 10 points above his current average with a BE of 120 you can afford to wait on him. I'd be holding off on Kelly until it looks clear his role has changed back to a more dominant midfield split. With Hogan to come in and provide a scoring option along with Perryman and Whitfield not far away, more outside run along with genuine goal scoring power may be what we need for Kelly to get back to his old role. Kelly is a must have at some point but I'd be waiting for the role change first.

Lachie Hunter ($713k MID/FWD)

Priced At: 99

BE: 132 Average: 85.6

It was flagged that with the inclusion of Treloar the bulldogs were going to have to change their midfield dynamic. As a result Bailey Smith has been pushed more into an outside mid position which has resulted in Hunter being pushed from a wing to a half forward. The Bulldogs look to be one of the top sides this year and as a result we haven't seen much variation in their side at all. Their best 22 along with the roles in which those guys are performing look to be super consistent and as a result I expect Hunter to play this half forward role all year. Similar to Fyfe, Hunter has always been a 95-105 type of player but in previous years we've been accustomed to seeing him up the ground a lot more. His high disposal/high mark game looks to have taken a big hit this year due to his role switch. At his current price I wouldn't be touching him, look for injuries to other Bulldog mids/wingers to potentially open up opportunity up the ground for Hunter. If he can get back on a wing he could be an option if he was to drop further in price.

Jack Billings ($700k MID/FWD)

Priced At: 97

BE: 130

Average: 91.2

At this point we've seen enough to know what we are going to get with Billings. He's a fantastic winger/half forward who will average 90-100 this year. His lack of midfield opportunity means that his scoring can be inconsistent (as shown by the 57 he scored on the weekend). Billings is currently fully priced and therefore not one I would be considering to bring in now. If he strings together a couple of poorer games he could find himself at a price that makes him more appealing.

Dyson Heppell ($586k DEF/MID)

Priced At: 81

BE: 74

Average: 85

Excluding his injury affected year in 2020 where he managed just 3 games, Heppell has a low average of 94 since 2013. Heppell has always been super consistent and while most years of him posting 100+ averages were in the midfield he has averaged mid 90's whilst playing as a defender in the past. It's a role he's accustomed to as he played this role in his early days and priced at 81 there is at least 10 points of upside in my opinion. Whilst he may not reach the heights required to be a top 6 defender (it is possible though), if he can average 90+ he won't be too far away and currently comes in at a fraction of the price of some of these other guys. With Ridley out this weekend we should see Heppell take a large portion of the kick ins and against Collingwood who look a dream match up for defenders I can see Heppell rewarding those who bring him in right away. A big Anzac Day clash has 100+ written all over it and this is probably the one I like the most out of all the DPP additions.

Jarman Impey ($589k DEF/FWD)

Priced At: 81

BE: 54

Average: 89.8

Was flagged at the start of the year to go back to defence and as a result we've seen him really benefit. The new rules look to suit him and the way in which Hawthorn use the footy out of defence he looks to be their main rebounder in which they feed the ball. His role is good and as a result he could maintain an average close to what he has posted so far. He's been a super pick for those who took the risk and started with him but the likelihood that he finishes a top 6 DEF or FWD is very very slim and therefore he's not a great option. Similar price to Heppell but unlike Heppell he hasn't got a proven record and his ceiling looks to be capped around that 90 mark. If he was to average 90+ it would probably be worth it with the flexibility he offers but there are too many ifs and buts with him and the risk to reward proposition really isn't great.

Brandon Parfitt ($644k MID/FWD)

Priced At: 89

BE: 90

Average: 88

Parfitt is one of those players that when played in the midfield can tackle hard and rack up a lot of footy. The issue is that he's also capable of scoring goals and therefore we see him play a lot forward at times. In the past his role has always been inconsistent and with Geelong not travelling to well at the moment I think they are still prone to chop and change their team around while they look for the right balance from a structure point of view. If it looks like Parfitt can push himself into the main rotation consistently he becomes an option but at the moment I don't think you can pick him. He's a bit cheaper than some of the other options and therefore I'm certainly keeping an eye on him.

Nick Hind ($556k FWD/DEF)

Priced At: 77

BE: 75

Average: 85

For those that followed my pre-season advice you would have started with Hind or at least traded him in very early. With an average of 85 along with a price rise of $147k, Hind has certainly been a success. His score last week can be excused due to the wet nature of the game. His role is great and I don't see why he can't maintain his average. If you don't own him, it's too late and I wouldn't be bringing him in. For those that do have him you've gained some flexibility and he should be serviceable for you up until the byes at least.

Tom Atkins ($474k DEF/FWD)

Priced At: 65

BE: 57

Average: 69.6

One I started with and fortunately jumped off early due to having the luxury at the time. Has made 89k for the 1% who do own him. At this stage his price looks to be getting pretty close to his output so he's certainly not one I would target but instead offload. At least his DPP gives you some additional options in who you can trade him to.

Jack Ziebell ($735k DEF/FWD)

Priced At: 101

BE: 67

Average: 109

I never thought I could possibly recommend a North player but Ziebell at this point has done enough to convince me. 2021 has seen Ziebell move back to defence and while his defensive ability has been questionable his ability to rack up cheap marks and kicks has been elite. He takes a large volume of the kick ins and in a shit side like North he gets plenty of those a game. The ball spends plenty of time back in defence and he's the main man to move it out. He's proven that he has a huge ceiling and whilst he's gained DEF status he's probably more handy as a forward. Ziebell is certainly one you could consider if searching for a unique option.

Aaron Hall ($538k DEF/FWD)

Priced At: 74

BE: 79

Average: 67

Similar to Ziebell. Hall has moved to half back and seems to be one of their main rebounders. He has demonstrated he has a big ceiling in the past and at the price I think he's a genuine option. His concussion last week means he won't be playing this week and potentially longer but he's one to keep an eye on as if he continues to play this half back role he could average 90+.

Lachie Weller ($674k MID/FWD)

Priced At: 93

BE: 96

Average: 94

Weller is putting together another solid season for the Suns. He finds himself spending less time in the middle and more time up across half forward which has lead to him gaining DPP. Weller hasn't shown in his career to date the ability to score at a high enough rate and despite his start to the season it's hard to see him troubling the top 6 forwards this year. At his current price he's definitely a pass for me.

Not So Relevant DPP

These are some guys that have gained DPP but it hasn't really increased their value in anyway, this is due to them being most desirable in their pre-DPP position . The only added bonus you get here is that it can give you some added flexibility at the trade table and or allow you to potentially cover for injuries throughout the year.

These guys include:

Chad Wingard ($667k MID/FWD)

Jack Crisp ($719k DEF/MID)

Callum Mills ($733k DEF/MID)

Zac Williams ($586k DEF/MID)

Jaidyn Stephenson ($575k MID/FWD)

Hunter Clark ($599k DEF/MID)

Liam Duggan ($670k DEF/MID)

Jack Lukosius ($612k DEF/MID)

All in all this lot of DPP's has certainly given us coaches a bit to think about, particularly now as we have some decent forward options to consider. I think it is important to note that whilst we have been given some added flexibility with DPP it shouldn't overly influence the moves in which you look to make. For example, if you like someone as a pure mid and they present value to you then you should still target them. In the past I've seen coaches chase guys purely for the fact they have DPP now when the reality is sometimes there are better options available. Fyfe and Heppell are probably the two that interest me the most at this stage although there are a few others that under different circumstances and or at a cheaper price could become ones I look to target also.

Cheers to those who have taken the time to read this and until next time... Keep climbing up the ranks!

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