Power VS Crows Notes and Takeaways

What started off being a relatively close contest blew out to what would be a pretty hefty win by port. Coming into this game I was excited as both teams had key names with a lot of hype around them. In particular I was keen to watch both Rozee and Butters along with how the Adelaide midfield functioned. Lets jump right into the Crows takeaways.

Adelaide Takeaways

Wayne Milera: Can this bloke catch a break. Having had a terrific season and shaping as a strong mid price candidate he's now done a knee and will be out for an extended period. Cross him off your watch list and if he's in your team he needs to go.

Rory Sloane: Managed to attain a large portion of CBA's (2nd highest mid) but was super quiet for most the day and didn't really seem to do much. We all know what Sloane can do so there is no need to be alarmed if you are a Sloane fan although personally at that age I'm looking elsewhere.

Rory Laird: Bar O'brien, Laird attended the most CBA's for the Crows and looks well and truly locked into that midfield. Can potentially improve 10 points this year and as a defender he's very close to a must have.

Reilly O'brien: Spent a large portion of time on the field and looks to take close to all of the ruck load. Natural improvement looks upon the big man and he looked fantastic covering the ground, taking marks, laying tackles and winning majority of the hitouts. O'brien is in for a big year and no reason why he can't challenge Gawn and Grundy.

Jackson Hately: Probably the most hyped name in the early parts of the pre-season. Jackson wasn't sighted until the second quarter which isn't the greatest sign although once he did come on he did seem to play that inside midfield role we all wanted to see. Unfortunately while his CBA numbers were good his performance was not and barely contributed of much importance to the team. Willing to see him go round again but I'm also tempering expectations.

Lachlan Sholl: Sholl was solid and no doubt looks to have progressed on from last year. Probably need to get more data to suggest he's a worthy pick in fantasy classic but he sure has potential. Won't be playing inside mid so his scoring may be subject to fluctuate in an outside role at the crows. One I'm open to but probably won't be starting with.

James Rowe: Looks a lively type and someone I can see being of value to the crows. Looks capable of creating something when the ball is in his hands and I think he has a genuine chance for round 1 selection. Only question is how much of the pill is going to be going deep forward for the crows? Maybe other basement options with similar scoring output. Hard to tell at this stage but he's certainly an option.

Notable Absentees: Daniel Talia, Tom Doedee, Matt Crouch, David Mackay, Sam Berry, Riley Thiilthorpe and Luke Pedlar.

Port Adelaide Takeaways

Connor Rozee: Spent almost all of the game in a forward role similar to last year. Pushed up the wing and racked up across half forward proving dangerous inside 50 also with some goals. The foot issue, is it a concern? I think slightly. With Port coming out and saying that they will look to manage his workload and potentially rest him throughout the year that's not really what you want to be hearing and although he looked fine during the game it has me slightly worried going into the year. The main reason I was interested in Rozee was the midfield minutes which it doesn't seem to look like he's going to get much. You can probably tell by now but I've gotten cold feet on Rozee and while I think he's set for a good year and will improve I'm banking that won't be enough to warrant selection in my fantasy side.

Zac Butters: This kid is great. Spent a large chunk in the middle of the park and is one who looks set to take things to another level this year. Racked up plenty of the pill and while he is at an awkward price (priced at 78) I think the upside could be enough proven he can keep the same role going forward. Butters could be someone who sets you apart from the pack but he's also quite risky with such low ownership. Definitely one I'm keen on though.

Ollie Wines: Nothing extraordinary from Ollie. Played his role in the team which is that inside bull and seemed to be amongst the highest CBA numbers in the team. I made an outlandish claim in my Port Adelaide pre-season preview and said that Wines could push a 110 average this year. I'd like to correct that and say it's not very likely although he will be good again.

Travis Boak: Attended more centre bounces than I expected honestly. I do think when the season gets under way he will be the one who goes forward the most to give Zac Butters and others time in there. Can't have in fantasy classic as he's fully priced with all signs pointing to a slight regression this season.

Orazio Fantasia: Am I stupid or am I stupid but I think Fantasia is a legit option this year. The bloke is priced at 49 for someone who has gone 70+ multiple times before playing a similar role. He finds himself at Port who are by far a better team than the bombers which should see him get more opportunity inside 50. Whilst he will rely on kicking goals and it's never ideal having players who play small forward due to their rollercoaster scoring I think Fantasia is one to consider. He's got DEF/FWD status which could be super handy and is the same price as Dow, Cumming, Young who you're banking on improvement to get them to 65-70 opposed to a guy who's done it on multiple occasions.

Lachy Jones: I would be surprised if this guy wasn't there round 1. The bloke is built ready made for AFL and seems to be in the good books at the Power. His scoring potential looks pretty average so I don't think I'll be paying the extra dollars for him unless the defender rookie situation is that dire then he's potentially worth a bench spot. Not one I would be playing on field though.

Miles Bergman: Exciting prospect and one that I'm quite fond of. Seemed to play predominantly forward but ultimately ended up everywhere throughout the game. Looks on the cusp of the 22 although if you follow me on twitter @AFLFantasyFreak you would have seen a post I retweeted by Dan Houston saying that both boys would be very stiff to miss out come round 1. Certainly worthy of a bench spot at this stage.

Notable Absentees: Tom Jonas, Sam Powell-Pepper and Robbie Gray.

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