Post Your Team: Pre-Season Edition

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

With the AAMI series just around the corner it's really starting to feel like business time for the 2021 AFL Fantasy season. With the commencement of intra club games along with a bunch of injury news I wanted to create a space where you guys can post your current teams and ask questions about strategy and structure.

Some of the big talking points this season look to include:

Do you pay the big bucks for Gawn/Grundy now that Preuss is injured?

How many mid pricers are too many?

Do you still need to pay up for premium players to have safe captain options?

Is it better to go with a vanilla squad from the start?

These are all relevant topics worthy of discussion. Post your teams below and I'll make sure to give my opinion along with my reasoning behind that. Make sure your teams in an easy to read format with your remaining salary cap.

Cheers Legends

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