Lockout Lifted! Round 2 Review

With another week of fantasy over it well and truly feels like the season is underway. With plenty of injuries along with other carnage we were presented a week more conducive to my representation of what a fantasy season looks like. There were many peaks and highs in terms of my own performance this week and although I was let down by a few blokes I still managed to score 1922 which has me ranked 326. A slight rank slip from last week but realistically, anyone inside the top 20k at this point has a shot.

The positives for me this round were relatively thin as a lot of my more "premium players" under performed slightly. There were a couple of absolute standouts which in include: Andrew Brayshaw (127) and Jarrad Witts (110). When all hope was fading these boys stepped up to the plate and showed the big boys how to get the job done. Congratulations on your effort boys and thank you for saving my weekend.

As Fantasy coaches, the negatives list is something we are accustomed to seeing be far longer than the positives list. For starters I had Jordon on the bench... again... That sucked! I'll be re structuring my side potentially this week as I'll need him on the field from now on.

Darcy "Dog Shit" Parish was my next major issue. After a great pre-season and signs indicating a shift as a full-time midfielder I was bullish he could push 100 average this season. At quarter time he was on 13 which wasn't great but then managed to get to 7 halfway through the 3rd quarter. Absolute nightmare which led to a meltdown on twitter. The worst part is that although he was fucked, injuries to Caldwell and Shiel means he will be getting the role I was looking for now. Whilst everyone will be off loading I'm still willing to hold with the expectation of him performing this week. 1 more chance you fuckin dog. Due to a bit of injury luck I am actually happy I kept Parish over De Goey this week as going forward I expect him to be the better scorer.

Trading in Caldwell and Stephenson rounded out an average week for me.

Trade Analysis

In all honesty my trades this week turned out a disaster but at the same time I know the principle behind them was correct and therefore I am unfazed by the result. In total my trades cost me 78 points and picked up an injury forced trade this week. Far from ideal but these are the types of things we deal with as fantasy coaches. After round 1, I was in a luxury position not owning Rowell/Dangerfield/Harmes. I was happy enough with the rooks I had and therefore tried to chase the breakevens of some guys who I thought could score well enough and make me some good coin over a couple weeks.

My Decision to trade De Goey came about with the Inclusion of Steele Sidebottom. His CBA numbers last week (38%) were not as high as I wanted them to be and the inclusion of Steele indicated to me that this number would likely decrease further. Collingwood struggled to score against the Dogs in round 1 so the threat that the Pies would use him more forward was real for me. My thoughts here were completely correct and with the injury to Jamie Elliot he looks to be locked down in this forward role regardless of the club saying "we intend to use him in the midfield". A trade I'm happy with as I don't have to think about trading him this week and the result was just bad luck.

Atkins to Stephenson hurt a little bit as I didn't really want to trade Atkins. His role was good but his breakeven indicated his cash generation would be slow if he didn't have a big game. I was limited in who I could trade out and so I thought I would trade him and try and make some more money elsewhere. All in all I wasn't as unimpressed with Stephenson's performance as some others. He was still up around the ball enough for me to indicate he can score well in the future if he maintains this role. North looked to give 0 effort and whilst this is concerning and may occur on a regular basis hopefully a slight increase in team energy can lead to Stephenson being more up and about and willing to get involved more. They play the Dogs this weekend which on paper looks terrible, but the free flowing fast movement of the Doggies could open up plenty of space for Stephenson to work in. Not one I'll be considering trading out just yet.

Top Scorers For The Round

1) Blake Hardwick ($531k DEF BE 13) 135

2) Clayton Oliver ($873k MID BE 119) 130

3) Touk Miller ($751k MID BE 102) 130

4) Jed Anderson ($807k MID BE 100) 127

5) Andrew Brayshaw ($756k MID BE 84) 127

6) Christian Petracca ($813k MID BE 114) 124

7) Brodie Grundy ($839k RUC BE 128) 122

8) Jack Billings ($737k MID BE 85) 122

9) Brandon Ellis ($701k MID BE 82) 122

10) Taylor Adams ($825k MID BE 134) 121

Biggest Disappointments for the Round

1) Jye Caldwell (23% ownership), Sam Draper (7% ownership) and Dylan Shiel (0% ownership) all suffered injuries which meant poor performance along with a forced trade this week. Caldwell is the main guy here that probably effects a few people and if you brought him in this week (like myself) it certainly was a disappointing start to his career in my side.

2) Andrew Gaff (8% ownership). Now I'm convinced he's been shagging the boys misso's! Two weeks in a row of putrid bullshit scores. As bad as he's been if you're an owner I would still be holding. It's frustrating and painful but he's already down a fair chunk and for a guy who has averaged 110 three years in a row you know he will come good. No point getting out on a low point just for everyone to jump on and ride the good part of the wave.

3) Riley O'Brien (10% ownership). Not a great start to his season averaging 49.5 for a bloke priced at 108 at the start of the year. Down 100k in 2 weeks and with a BE of 171 looks to continue on this downward trend. Rucks look disadvantaged this season and so unlike some of the other premium guys I recommend holding, I can get around off loading O'Brien and is actually what I recommended my sister to do last year. The issue is who do you go to? Witts looks a good option but it doesn't give you enough coin to warrant the sideways nature of the trade for a guy who could ultimately average similar come years end. I think if you are going up to Grundy or Down to get Flynn on field you could look at a trade.

4) Lachy Neale (24% ownership). If you read my Brisbane pre-season guide you would be fortunate enough to not be part of that 24% that own him. Down 100k and with a BE of 191 he could be down another 100k in a couple weeks time if he doesn't pull his fucking head in. I'd probably hold if I had him but I can't blame you if you want him gone. Absolute headache at the start of the season.

5) Jaidyn Stephenson (26% ownership). Not a great way to make your debut in my side and quite frankly has fucked a lot of coaches off this week. I thought his role was good enough to indicate scoring potential and stayed similar to round 1 despite Anderson coming into the side. I'll be giving him another chance unlike many who will be quick to pull the trigger. I'm not to concerned just yet but I understand the frustration.

6) Paddy Dow (44% ownership). Thank God I avoided this spud to start the season. I was one that thought there was potential in Dow this year. Mainly for the fact that he was rated so high as a junior and hasn't proved sweet FA yet. Into his 4th season people were bullish on him seeking improvement and priced just above rookie price it wasn't a bad selection. With Williams back his role looks to only get worse and his BE indicates he won't be making much more cash anytime soon. One I would be looking to get out this week if you can afford to.

7) Zac Williams (9% ownership). To everyone that messaged me this week on Facebook in regards to this man. I hope you took my advice and avoided trading him in. If you're part of the 9% that have him then you're stuck with him for now and hopefully he performs better this week. Everyone else, continue to monitor his role and potentially get on even cheaper in a couple weeks time. He's not one I'm too interested in this year though.

8) Adam Treloar (3% ownership). Looks to have lost his inside midfield role (for now) and as a result has scored poorly to start the season. If you're a non-owner continue to monitor his role and TOG. Once Treloar returns to peak fitness he may see more time inside. A bit of time to get used to the Dogs system should see Treloar come good in the second half of the year so he'll be one to potentially target later at a heavily discounted price.

My Early Trade Moves

As I've preached all season to date value is key early on and therefore I'll most likely do two rookie trades this week to keep the cash flow strong. This week we could see some carnage with guys like Jordan Clark a potential candidate to get dropped. My trades could end up being different than these depending on what is to unfold over the next week. Obviously, Caldwell is a forced trade this week so he will go. I'm undecided on Campbell as there are other options available around 100k cheaper that I also don't have. This will be a decision I have to make during the week as to if I think he's worth the extra coin. Cahill to Bergman once again is just for greater cash purposes. Cahill looks to get dropped at this rate and having made $7k in 2 weeks there are other guys I could have in his spot making a lot more. Bergman is his replacement for now but like I said, there are plenty of rookie options available this week.

I hope everyone had a decent week in fantasy. As per myself, I wasn't too stoked with my performance but some key scores from Witts and Brayshaw saved my ass and allowed me to hold my rank which I'm happy about. I'll have my weekly trade talk article up on Wednesday where I cover all trade and break even relevant stuff. I'll also have a watch list article coming out which will cover all my left field "PODs" I'm monitoring and guys you should look to keep an eye out for. The support from you guys has been tremendous recently and for that I can't thank you enough. I hope you got something out of this article whether that be value or entertainment and let me know in the comments below how you went this week. Thanks for reading and until next time... Keep climbing up the ranks!

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