GWS Giants: Big Boys, Bargains, Rookies and More...

GWS much like Collingwood and the Bulldogs have always been considered as one of the royalty teams when it comes to AFL fantasy. With a plethora of guys capable of averaging 100+ this year will be no different and despite the high price tags some of these guys come with they are certainly still worth a look at.

Big Boys Worth Considering

Josh Kelly ($809 000 MID), Stephen Coniglio ($744 000 MID) and Tim Taranto ($718 000 MID) all present value in 2021 as under-priced premiums. GWS last year had a poor season and as a result we saw a dip in average in all 3 of these guns. I expect GWS to bounce back and even with the reduced rotations I think we could see a reasonably settled midfield at the Giants this season. I’ve mentioned all of these guys at the same time as CBA’s in the AAMI practice match are going to be crucial to which ones you start with but there is no doubting they all have potential value and I’ll definitely be considering starting with 1 or 2 of these guys.

Bargain Buys

A popular buzz name going around this pre-season is Isaac Cumming ($355 000 DEF). Having burnt me bad last season I think this might be the year we see Cumming come to life and therefore I’m willing to forgive him. With the departure of Heath Shaw and Zac Williams it opens the door for spots in the backline in which Cumming is ear marked to take. He’s shown in the past scoring ability and priced at 47 he’s too cheap to ignore if he’s there Rd1.

Players For The Watch List

There are quite a few to look out for at the Giants this year but the one I’m most bullish on is Tom Green ($443 000 MID). Green managed to produce an adjusted average of 65 in his first season but due to only playing the 6 games receives a discount that has him priced at 58. Green has come out and said that this year he wants to consolidate a spot in the side and while the midfield runs deep at the Giants, I think Green offers enough to take up a spot in the 22 consistently. Green spent an extended period watching on from the sidelines but when he came back for the last 2 rounds produced scores of 107 and 76 adjusted with CBA% at 48 and 32 respectively. While not breathtaking, its enough to suggest that with natural progression going into his second year along with the fact he should see slightly increased TOG he should bump his average up significantly in 2021. Junior numbers of 105 in state league suggest he’s more than capable of scoring and priced at 58 if we see Green on ball in the AAMI and he lines up in Rd 1 he could be too much value to ignore.

Similar to Cumming, Lachie Ash ($420 000 DEF) presents as an option for all the same reasons. With increased opportunity down back, it looks as if Ash will build on last years season and consolidate himself as GWS’s aggressive break the lines type player. I can certainly see Ash improving his average to around 70 this season but I do think that he and Cumming will be around the same mark and with a 65k difference I’m probably leaning to the cheaper one. Priced at 55, Ash does present 15+ points of upside so no reason you couldn’t start both if you can make it work with structure. Results over the AAMI series will help with making these sorts of decisions.

Jesse Hogan ($459 000 FWD) isn’t my kettle of fish but it must be pointed out that priced at 60 for a guy who has averaged 89 before is somewhat interesting. It’s no secret that the last few years Hogan has been battling some personal issues along with injury struggles. Finding himself at the Giants, if Hogan can get over these problems (big if), he should be able to excel in a team where he’ll have better service from a more credible midfield. There is super risk involved in starting with Hogan and therefore I can’t possibly recommend doing it but he is one to watch out for early and if it looks like he’s back to his 2018 self, jump on and ride the cash wave.

Toby Greene ($627 000 FWD) priced at 82 has to be given a brief mention. For a guy who has posted career averages over 90 on multiple occasions there is some leeway at his current starting price. For Greene to put up the numbers us fantasy coaches want to see Greene will have to spend decent chunks in the middle and I just don’t think that will be the case in 2021. Greene is far too dangerous up forward and while he can still score well in that position, I don’t think he presents enough value to consider picking. Watch for role throughout the season though because if he does see CBA action that could be your cue to jump on board.

Players To Avoid

Lachie Whitfield ($820 000 DEF). Wow is this guy good! Whitfield is one of those players who can pump out ridiculous numbers and on a regular basis, but on the other hand, has the capability to be a bit of a sook which tends to see him rollercoaster in price throughout the year. Whitfield last year produced an adjusted average of 107 seeing him decrease his average from the previous year for the first time in his career. I don’t think this is anything to worry about and a bounce back in 2021 is well and truly on the cards. Whitfield will be a top 2 defender this year and an average back up around 114 is where I expect him to be. I was leaning slightly towards starting Whitfield but recent news reports confirm he has suffered a bruised liver and therefore has halted his preparation going into the season. At his exuberant price tag this may be enough to go into 2021 without him although be prepared to potentially watch some big scores early.

I tossed up whether to put Ward in the watch list category but I’ve decided to be harsh and chuck him in the avoid section. Callan Ward ($461 000 MID) is getting old (Almost 31) and is earmarked to take up a position at half back this year. While the role change interests me, the fact he has only managed 8 games in the last 2 years is a major turn off and at a price where there are a lot of guys who present value, I think you just have to leave him on the table to start with. If Ward does look good in his new role, he’ll still be cheap enough to jump on in the early rounds. At this stage I think he’s too risky to start with and is one I’ll be looking to avoid.

Credit where credit is due Nick Haynes ($675 000 DEF) super last year posting a career high average of 88. I tend not to pick players coming off a career high season and as Haynes has no reasons to warrant further improvement, I can’t see him bettering his average in 2021. Certainly not one to start with in classic.

Rookies To Look Out For

GWS seem to have a pretty established line up and therefore I can’t see too many getting opportunity. Although, there are openings down back so potentially we see some defenders named early. Look for the following names: Tanner Bruhn ($248 000 MID), Connor Idun ($221 000 DEF), Jacob Wehr ($170 000 DEF) and Nick Shipley ($170 000 MID).

Drop a comment below if you enjoyed the article and or just want my opinion on another Giants player. Cheers legends.

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