AAMI Series: Tigers V Pies Report

What an entertaining game of footy to watch which in someway was like a soccer match in the way in which tactics were employed. Richmond looked to launch heavily from defence while Collingwood looked to counter this by flooding all their men back and clogging up the 50 (park the bus style). As a result Richmond didn't have much pressure on their defenders and were able to share the ball around at will down back opening up plenty of hand ball receive opportunities. Interesting game from both sides with plenty to take away.

Richmond Takeaways

Jayden Short: Below are some of my comments on Jayden found in my Richmond Pre-season Preview I did a few weeks back.

Absolutely spewing this man did what he did as he was a unique I was super keen on this year and I'd had in my side prior to this game. Nonetheless, this man was sensational racking up 43 disposals and doing as he pleased. With the new man on the mark rule it looks like hand ball receive players with good leg speed and weapon kicks are going to get a lot of ball off half back and Jayden Short fits this mould to a tee. Houli is still to come back but he's old and will inevitably get injured. They'll also manage his minutes and probably won't use him as aggressively in the past as the Tiges try and avoid injury. Short will be great regardless if Houli is in the side. Took almost all of the kick ins which is what you want to see from a defender. There are some downsides with Short though. With having been so damaging and teams catching onto the trend this year we could see Short receive some opposition attention and potentially as early as round 1. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a Lachie Fogarty do a run with role or a player of his type. His early draw isn't great and there are potential taggers in multiple of the early games he plays. You're picking a guy at his price for the season though and he will provide a premium option down back in 2021.

Liam Baker: Absolutely super as well! Really impressed with the way this bloke has improved since a move to half back last year. Looks to have settled into and embraced the role this year and looks to be damaging for the Tigers. Looks to be a big part in the movement of the ball out of defence being involved in a large amount of link up chains and short kicks. I can see Baker breaking out this year and being a good value option but is one I'm slightly worried about with Houli to come back. One I'm certainly interested by.

Toby Nankervis: Didn't see much game time with he and Cotchin managed in the second half. He wasn't great when Grundy was in the ruck and struggled to win a hit out but his competitiveness at ground level was good and excelled more in the hit out department when Grundy was rolled forward. 38 off 35% TOG is great PPM and I think Nank could be a mid price option this year with not much threat to his ruck role aside from injury.

Josh Caddy: Wow this player looks to have reinvented himself. Played a lot more up the ground than previous years finding himself predominantly on a wing opposed to a deep medium sized forward. Racked up 11 marks and was integral in the Tigers moving the ball up the wing and into their forward 50. Played a role I can see being very relevant in fantasy this season and as a result managed a score of 125 in this game. He's MID only at $506k so he's not really a starting option without having more data to work with first. Career high average of 90 sees him priced 24 under that (priced at 66) but that was all the way back in 2015 and since then has only averaged around the mid 70's mark. If he's more up the ground he could get back to these levels as he's still young enough to have a big impact in 2021. Tigers also haven't traditionally been a great team for fantasy scoring so keep that in mind but he's an interesting option to keep an eye on early in the year.

Shai Bolton: Didn't play as much midfield last week as I thought he was suggesting he could be due for a move back forward but in this match played almost exclusively as a midfielder emulating the role he played last year. Bolton was good in the contest and was explosive out of the clearance but didn't rack up enough of the pill and or fill the other stat lines to produce a good fantasy score. His role looks good but I'm not sure he can push much higher than what he's currently priced at going into this season.

Dustin Martin: There's not much to say here. We know who Dusty is and we know what Dusty does. He'll have the same role in 2021 where he starts in the centre bounce and pushes forward afterwards. He'll spend a lot of time forward again this year and will probably have a similar output fantasy wise. He's not a starting option this year because of that reason but could be an upgrade target during the year depending on how well he is travelling.

Riley Collier-Dawkins: Came onto the ground halfway through the 3rd term and was pretty impressive. Got caught with the ball but at least he showed signs on taking the game on and trying to burst from stoppage. Showed enough to suggest he's definitely worth owning in fantasy but the likelihood of him getting a game early is slim. His job security once he makes the team will also be pretty poor so he may not be given enough opportunity to generate cash but I think the potential is there for sure.

Collingwood Takeaways

Jordan De Goey: The midfield move with De Goey is something that has always floated around in the pre-season but this year the Pies were adamant we would see Jordan as a midfielder. I was one of the non believers and I still am to some extent but gee wiz he was dynamic. My worry with De Goey isn't his ability to play midfield but more the fact that Collingwood need goal scorers and their forward line lacks options. I can't see how De Goey doesn't play forward at times to get Collingwood on the scoreboard although he still managed to kick 2 goals playing as a midfielder. Very similar to Christian Petracca from last year and coaches and players seem to think De Goey will be a midfielder this year. Adams to come into the side isn't to much of a worry for me as I can see a world where Adams, Pendles and De Goey are the main guys with Sier, Daicos and Elliot getting limited time when De Goey pushes forward. I think he has to be a genuine option to consider based off what we've seen Trac, Dusty etc... do in the past playing a role like this.

Jack Crisp: Looked to play his same old role at half back with a little bit of time up on a wing. You know what you're going to get with Crisp. A bloke who plays every game and should average 95-100 come season end. Will be around the top 6 defender mark again and can provide a safe but unique starting option for your side if you're willing to go down the route of paying up in defence.

Brayden Sier: Scored 79 off 73% TOG which on paper is pretty impressive for a guy priced at just over $400k. As good as this looks I didn't actually like his game that much. Was pretty quiet in the first half and didn't seem to really have any influence on the game what so ever. His second half he picked up significantly and looked to be much better. With Treloar going out it was ear marked that this was Sier's opportunity to break into the side but his inability to play another position along with the fact Collingwood will look to play De Goey a lot more through the midfield potentially leads to Sier having poor job security, missing selection or playing insufficient TOG. He's cheap and his score tonight suggests he's potentially 20-30 points under priced but I need to see him again with Adams first before being convinced he's a best 22 player.

Isaac Quanor: This bloke was consistent all night putting together a complete 4 quarter performance that would see him finish the night as one of Collingwood's best. His ability to break lines with his speed looks an important trait that looks to be utilised across the competition and Collingwood did look to try get the ball in his hands often. His positioning in the defensive 50 was also great I thought and with another pre-season under his belt is sure to go to another level. He's priced at 66 for a guy who has only managed the 13 games so far and is still super young at 21 years of age. He may need this year to really get him primed but I can see him averaging close to 80. There's probably not enough meat on the bone for him to be worth the risk you'd be taking to select him.

John Noble: Great performance all round and spent most of his time on a wing opposed to half back where he spent most of last season. Played 87% TOG which is a great sign and showed enough to suggest he's an important cog to the Collingwood lineup who will be prominent this year. Similar to Quanor, while I see improvement he's priced at $585k (77 points) so there probably isn't enough there to suggest he's worth the risk especially when it's only 100k more to get to the likes of Docherty, Short, Daniel etc...

Brodie Grundy: With almost the whole fantasy community (those who are serious players) owning Grundy his performance tonight forms a pretty big point of discussion. Grundy traditionally has been poor in the pre-season posting scores around the 60-70 mark but he's also traditionally gone bang in round 1 and blow all skeptics out of the water. My concern with Grundy is he shared the ruck role quite a bit with not only Darcy Cameron but Mason Cox also. Collingwood obviously know what Grundy can do in the ruck and therefore are most likely trying to develop him forward and develop some other guys in the ruck while they can. Grundy will play predominantly ruck this year there is no question about it but having seem him last year battered and bruised maybe Collingwood have come to the conclusion that he may need some added support in that ruck department. Grundy will be a top 3 ruck (with the other contenders being Gawn and O'brien) come years end and for that reason he's a safe set and forget option. If you're talking from a value perspective priced at 114 I'm not sure he's actually value with the state in which the game is being played and the fact he may split more of his ruck duty this year.

Josh Daicos: Impressed with how shite he was in all honesty. Came into this year expecting Daicos to be a candidate to push his average towards the 100 mark and from reports looked to be doing everything right to get there. From what I saw from him in this game I was extremely unimpressed. Barely attended a center bounce and spend almost all of the game at half forward where he wasn't very influential. At his price he's not an option for me anymore.

Jeremy Howe: Looked to be his old self. Has formed a talking point based that he managed to average 107 last year before injury and comes in priced at 89. Howe is coming off a pretty serious knee injury and while he looked good he'll take a bit to get back to his best. I think his price fairly reflects what his output can be and especially early on I expect his scores to be a little bit down. Not a starting option for mine with other names similarly priced who have had better pre-seasons.

Jamie Elliott: Looked to still be used in the midfield at times and will surely be used there again this year. With De Goey looking midfield bound we may see Elliott used there less and that could be the trade off of having De Goey up the ground is they keep Elliott forward more to provide a goal threat. His price is to high to consider as an option after the year he had last year.

Oliver Henry: Rated highly by the pies and probably squeezes in round 1. Showed some good signs at times but also dropped 3 marks in the first quarter, made some poor decisions and overall wasn't the greatest performance. Not one I'll be considering at the inflated price tag in an area where we look to have the most rookies available.

Steele Sidebottom: Came off the ground very early in the game with calf tightness. Can't be starting with him at his extreme price tag but it's more of a talking point for De Goey. With Sidey starting at the first centre bounce with him and Adams fit how much midfield minutes does Jordan get? Sidey will be a top 6 forward but wait for his price to drop during the year before picking him up.

Will Kelly: Looked to be moving really well for a key forward and showed a lot of good signs in the short time he spent on the field. His night was cut short with a broken collarbone. Not a prospect in fantasy now and diminishing forward options for the Pies is not what they want nor fantasy coaches want.

Scott Pendlebury: Dependlebury was his usual self. Averaged 105 last year and while he's getting older he'll be used as a midfielder again and therefore will be in the 100-110 region. No value in selecting him but if he gets cheap during the year could be a great POD for you to own.

Lots of insights from this game particularly from a Collingwood perspective. Many potential options from both sides that I'll be heavily considering starting with in 2021. Thanks to those that have taken the time to read these notes as it is much appreciated. If you've found this information to be useful and of value a share would be much appreciated via the links below. As always I'm open to any questions either in the comments, email or social media. Thanks for reading legends.

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