AAMI Series: Gold Coast V Lions Report

The Q clash! Gold Coast looked to have Brissy on the ropes and went into half time up by 4 goals. They ended up losing the game by 4 goals so it was really a game of two halves where one team dominated and then the other dominated. Gold Coast were able to show some positive signs with there ball movement before they were over whelmed by Brisbane's class and spread from the contest. I did miss a quarter of this game (only footy I missed this week) due to a phone call but I think I had seen enough in the stuff I had watched to still put together a detailed report for you guys.

Gold Coast Takeaways

Will Brodie: Caught my eye when word spread he'd shaved 30 seconds off his pre-season 2km time trial. This year is a big year for Brodie as he hasn't been able to crack the side consistently and is running out of time on his contract. He has shown in the past he can score averaging 87 from 8 games in 2019 and I think he has real intent this year to prove what he can do as a player. He looked to attend a fair share of centre bounces (was in the top 4 CBA's for suns) and split some of his time at half forward. His second half in particular caught my eye and his ability both in the contest with his clean hands along with his tackling pressure looked great. His spread from contest was good and he took a few marks up forward also. He's not going to be a fulltime midfielder but I think he spends enough time there to present enough value in picking him. Priced at 66 I think Brodie can average 80 minimum so there is certainly merit here.

Darcy Macpherson: Bloody DMac! Deja vu all over again. The bloke did this last year pumping 2 100+ scores in the pre-season and then went on to average 60 for the year. His role looks to be very similar but he also did manage to average 87 in 2019 when playing the same role. It's a weird one because he is technically priced 27 points under and with many players having a poor year last year it's easy to give him the benefit of the doubt. If you're really ballsy you could take a punt on him but he's one I'm willing to let slide for now as he looks to have the same half forward role.

Wil Powell: I actually went to school with this kid and played a bit of footy with him in our junior years. Has taken a little bit to settle into a role at the Suns and put on the required body size needed for AFL level but it looks like he is finally hitting his straps. Arguably Gold Coasts best player for the game and looked to play a real role at half back for them. We saw his average jump from 50 to 74 when moved into this position last year and he comes in priced at 62. He'd need to average 80+ to be worth the pick but he should improve with another season under his belt and looks a type to take advantage of the new rules. He's one I can see potential in this year but he's a wait and see for now.

Jarrad Witts: I mentioned in a few of my other write ups that I was looking to go pretty cheap in the ruck department this year. Out of all the cheaper ruck options available I think Witts is potentially the safest. Looked to be moving freely again which suggests he can get back to his previous levels set in years prior. At his best he goes 105 and priced at 81 he's the safest option job security/injury wise that may see improvement on his starting price.

Oleg Markov: An intriguing option having moved over from Richmond in search of consistent opportunity. Looks well and truly entrenched in the GC back six and looks a dangerous player for them. His ability to run and carry the ball was a highlight and the Suns looked to use him on various occasions. I watched Markov quite intensely and what surprised me the most was his running patterns when he didn't have the ball in hand. The effort in which he made to get into free space showed his intent in which he wants to receive the ball from his team mates. Priced at $370k I quite like him as an option and I think he's one of the better picks in this price bracket.

Jack Lukosius: Looks set to spend more time up on a wing this year opposed to half back. He'll be an integral part to the way in which Gold Coast transition the ball due to his high class foot skills. After a breakout last year there isn't enough meat left on the bone to select him priced at 78.

Noah Anderson: Definitely set for more inside midfield time and got better as the game went on. I think Noah is in for a big second year and will no doubt see a favourable amount of improvement. His mid only status paired with an awkward pricing (priced at 74) makes him hard to start with. He spent 84% on field which is up considerably from the 76% he averaged last year. I think Noah could get to that 90 range this year but I'd like to see a little more first.

Matt Rowell: Big talking point as most coaches have him. Personally I was leaning towards fading him due to his high ownership and the fact he was the only guy I could really get rid of to bring in a cheaper option I liked. Having seen the rest of the games over the weekend before this is one Rowell had actually left my team before this game started. Having seen him play I think I'm happy with this move. The kid is special, there is no doubting that but to pin the expectation that he can average 90-100 coming back from injury and having only played the 5 career games is a pretty big ask. From my eye Rowell was super in the contest and his contested work looked great but his spread away from the contest and his movement around the ground looked below scratch. In a year where I value this part of someone's game highly, I think for a midfielder to score well they need this aspect to their play. Last year Rowell was much better on the outside so I know he has it in him and he could quite possibly explode this year but I'm just saying I don't think he's the must have everyone is making him out to be.

Brisbane Takeaways

Jarrod Berry: Coming into his 5th season, Berry still has plenty more to give and we saw that on the weekend when he posted 119 from 82%. His TOG based off this game is 5% higher than his average last year which is positive but he's priced at 89 so you'd have to be pretty confident he's going 100 at least but ideally 105. He should go another gear in 2021 but to say he can reach those heights is a pretty bold statement that I'm not ready to make just yet. Probably better ways to spend your coin early on from a points perspective and safety perspective also.

Dayne Zorko: It looks like at this stage in his career Zorko's midfield minutes seem to be over. He may get stints in there at times but he looks to be used outside and mainly at half forward. This isn't an issue as he can score in this role but priced at 99 he's not going up. Upgrade target to look for if he drops in price at some point.

Lachie Neale: Looks like his TOG% will remain super high again in 2021 having played the 88% which is not that much lower than the 92% from last year. I thought we could see Neale play half forward a little bit this year to give some of the other names a run through but with Rayner going down it looks like he's pretty safe to spend almost all his time inside again this year. I still can't see how he averages the 122 he's priced at considering he's coming off an interrupted pre-season. Not one I'm keen on at all to start 2021.

Grant Birchall: You possibly can't consider this guy can you? He's had that many soft tissue injuries over recent years but he's always had scoring potential in a position that looks more valuable than ever. Posted a 90 score and comes in priced at 67. As good as he's shown he can be over the course of his career he's 33 years old and the likelihood he even puts together half a season is pretty low. Not a legit option.

Joe Daniher: It looks like Daniher is back and firing on all cylinders. Looks to be a force to be reckoned with this year and should kick a big bag of goals providing he stays fit. As a key forward he will have up and down scores so you can't expect consistency with this bloke. The fact he is a key forward with a long list of injury history is enough for me to say no even at the cheap price. If he goes big early you can always jump on and ride the cash wave.

Zac Bailey: After being used a bit everywhere last year it looks like Bailey has found his position this year in the midfield. Bailey split his time on the wing with stints in the middle and has shown in the past he has a fantasy game that stacks up. His score in this game didn't reflect that only managing 57 from 75% but I haven't written Bailey off completely. I think this kid has potential and he's at an interesting price where he could be of value still. He'll obviously need to show more than he did this game but I think he's capable of posting 90 type scores on a consistent basis. He's one I'm definitely aware of but not looking overly into.

Cam Rayner: Looked set to play a lot more midfield this year which would have made him an interesting prospect but unfortunately for Cam he has done his ACL and will be out for the entirety of 2021.

Tom Fullarton: With McStay out for the early rounds it opens the door for Tom Fullarton. Tom looks to be used as a tall forward but did show his ability to be effective at ground level and his agility to move well for a bigger man. I was hoping we would see him do some ruck work while the big O was resting but that wasn't the case as the Lions looked to use Daniher as their second back up. I think he gets a game in the side most likely and if you're going to employ a ruck strategy that involves having Meek or Flynn on field having this guy in your forward or utility could be a smart move to have additional cover in that area. Harry Sharp: Doesn't look likely to play as the kid is still at school finishing his year 12 studies I believe. He showed great work rate and did a few things that would have really pleased the coach. He has DEF status so he's worth a mention although I don't think much will prosper here.

That concludes the last of my AAMI Series reports. If you've read all of them I commend you as there is a bit there to read. If you haven't yet checked out the other ones I advise you do as there is some Fantasy gems hidden there that will certainly help improve your knowledge this year and possibly help in selecting a better version of your starting squad. I'll be posting plenty more content over the next few days regarding strategy, rookies and other important topics heading into round 1. It's that time of the year where I'm starting to get nervous about not being able to have unlimited trades but it is super exciting and I look forward to providing more information to you! the people who support my articles. Thank you for reading and good luck this year homie.

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